The Pacifier

Ode to the Pacifier 👶

Oh how my parents loved you.
How many a nights you have soothed
And kept us company.
You have stayed true
And kept all your promises

Tis been a week since
Since I asked for you.
Do not feel bad,
I am a big kid now 💪🏽
See how much I have grown?

You do look shabby
It is a sign of hard work
And respect 🙌🏽
It is a sign of trust,

Thank you for everything
The soothing
The accompanying
The sleeping

Good bye Paci
Do not feel bad.
You did your job,
I am grateful
Now I bid you adieu

Hurricane Dorian

Hello Friends,

Hope this finds you well. I live in Tampa as you all know and probably have seen the news about Hurricane Dorian.

So far, it has made downfall in the Bahamas and we have got rain for now. Yesterday, was beautifully sunny and just a wee bit of rainy. Today, we went to church earlier and so far, no rain fell until this afternoon. I recorded a little video to show you how heavy it came down. For now, it is quiet but cloudy outside with no rain.

This is the beginning of my second year in Florida and I would say the first time we had to stay safe during a hurricane. I was the one who was a bit sacred, but my hubby was calm and said we have all we need- water, gas and food stuff. Our apartment complex sent out a flier about hurricane preparedness information. Some of the instructions were:

  • Do not tape your windows, it could produce giant shards of flying glass held together by tape

  • Remove all items from your patio/balcony and front door area. Store items securely inside the apartment until the storm passes

  • The pool area will be closed etc.

The flier also had websites for hurricane and severe weather guides, here are some:

  1. Local Media

  2. National Hurricane Center

To stay busy with my toddler, we made a double batch of brownies, here is the recipe (without the coffee) I had used 😍

How about you, are you in the path of the Hurricane, how are you staying safe?

Praying for little to no damage to anyone in the path of the storm/ hurricane.

Stay safe my dears!



Back to School & Long Weekend

Hello Everyone and welcome back!

Did you start school?

Did your kid go back to school already and how was that for you?

Did you have one of those moments where you are saying under your breath - I am so happy school begins again (phew)! Or were you sad that the kids had to go back to school?

Did you know that you can find back to school events on Eventbrite? Just type back to school bash, back to school events in the search bar and see what comes up.

As a young parent, I am learning by observing that the month of August around the country marks the beginning of the school year or preparations for the school year. We find that stores make accommodations or show their wares that help or promise to help parents and students transition into the new school year. I am getting my mind ready for when Othniel starts school!

Would I be the parent who bawls? Or be like, hurray!!!! A new season has begun?

A few weeks after Othniel was born, I started work and he was in daycare. It was rough but we made it work for us, however, I THINK it is different now that he talks and can tell you bye mommy see you later- in other words, I am a big kid now…

What is that like? Parents, share!

If you had a crazy week or weeks because of kids going back to school, take a deep breath, you have a 3 day weekend coming up. Yes, Monday is Labor Day and you can sleep in (is there such a thing if one has kids?) or you can pretend to sleep in 😁

Now that I have a toddler with a vocabulary that consists of WHY and HOW; I am trying my best to not say because I said so! To do that, I am doing a bit of research to answer some of his questions. So should your kid ask you about what Labor Day is about, here are some answers for them

  • The first Labor Day happened in New York City in 1882.

  • Labor Day came about because in the 1830s manufacturing workers spent as much as 70 hours a week at work

  • Union organizers focus was to get a shorter workweek for workers, and extra days off during the year.

  • President Grover Cleveland signed the Labor Day bill into law in June of 1894.

To read more on this checkout Jay Zargosky’s article regarding Labor Day! Working in healthcare, staff shortage and sometimes circumstances beyond our control can cause us to have more than 40 hour work weeks. Having a day off is wonderful.

Bring out the barbecue and let the celebrations begin!

Have a great week!


S is for Screen (time) & Sleep

Hello Everyone,

Did you watch the Lion King yet?

What team are you on; the team that says, I would not see the new one or remakes of good movies (which I belong to) or the team that says, I do not mind seeing it re-made?

Whatever team you belong to, a big welcome to the blog!

Today, I want to look at screen time. I have a toddler and would very much like to know if I am going to be like my mother and tell him- do not stand too close to the television it might damage your eyes. However, is he not already looking too much into another type of a screen- my cellphone which I let him play on and my old Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet?

I recall growing up and hearing my mother say, do not stand too close to the television, it might damage your eyes! I had often wondered if that was such a thing! Back then there were no computers (that we had at home) and there was no such thing as cell phones or little portable viewing devices. We went outside to play and when we were done, came into the house, ate dinner and went to bed because we were tired.

Here are a few things I have experienced:

I recall when my kiddo Othniel was much younger, and I introduced PJ Masks to him. I used to work nights then and on this weekend, I told myself I was spending time with him so we would watch a kid-related show. I left the show on for a couple of episodes and the mistake I made was we watched this before bed. I am going to tell you, that night was not a restful night for him. He tossed and turned all night long. To test my suspicions I told my husband we should not let Othniel watch any shows before bed for a few nights. Those nights we did not watch any of the shows, he slept good and long and was not cranky. That right then settled it for my, no cartoons before bed!

I found this article about the recommendations from the World Health Organization about no screen time for babies and only 1 hour for children under 5! I learned the hard way but glad to see that this article was out to help parents. If I had known then, I think I would have kept them! A baby or kid who does not sleep means a tired parent or caregiver the next day!

As a working parent, I would say I agree somewhat with the guidelines. There are many ways to interact with my kid after work and bond with him. Screen time is one way but it should not be the only way. When we play outside or take walks, I noticed he goes to bed early and without fuss- which gives me more time at the end of the day to do what I need to do. Or go to bed early to wake up early to do what I need to do for work/school.

With taking classes and working, I have been negligent sometimes of how long and late I leave the TV on or let Othniel play on his screen because I am trying to get something done for school. I was super happy when I saw a poll on Instagram stories done by Total Pickle regarding if we let our kids have screens before bed. This was super exciting for me to see the poll and learn something new. I read from the poll that

  • Late use of screen leads to kids not getting quality adequate sleep which results in mood swings and unpredictable behavior! This is a drop the mic moment for me.

So are screens evil? No, but as parents, I believe it is my responsibility to help my toddler be at his best.

  • I have decided to be intentional about what Othniel watches. When he is on the YouTube app for kids, we put a time limit on it and we go from there.

  • We watch new shows together and if we notice that he is picking up behaviors or attitudes that are not what we want, we address the behavior and that show gets blocked! Parents, we have to be like Mufasa when he went to rescue Simba and Nala from the Hyenas (Yup!, I used Lion King)

Some suggestions from Total Pickle Poll (Check out their Instagram page, it has a wealth of information for parents of young kids 😍

  • Move to earlier in the day, so they have at least an hour to wind down before bed

  • Give your child a short warm bath, and then read a book in a dimly lit room. Both of these will raise melatonin levels which is so important for aiding your child’s restful sleep

  • If you need more information on screen time check out this site

Do you remember the children’s song by Cedarmont Kids called: Be careful little eyes what you see? This might be an old song but it is so applicable to today!

What do I let my child see?

What do I let him hear?

The Father up above is looking down in love…

This is not just for the kids’ it is also for me the kids’ mom who lets him see, hear and watch! What he watches today may affect his tomorrow!

Have a great week friends!


Do Not Get Busted!

In other words, practice what you preach!

Busted in slang terms means being caught in the act. Have you ever been caught doing something you are not supposed to do?

Hello and welcome to the podcast!

My name is Ezanya and this is my podcast!

We have taught our little one to wash his hands after going to the restroom. Recently, I was leaving the restroom and I heard him call out: “Mommy, you did not wash your hands.” I chuckled, came back and washed my hands for him to see.

This put a smile to my face because it meant that what we were teaching him was being practiced and we were trying to practice what we preached.

How often do you hear it said “Do as I say not as I do”? How bad would it be that I teach my son to do something and I turn around and do otherwise? It makes it seem like what I am telling him to do is not important.

If we raise up our kids to just do what we tell them and not what does that say of our character, what kind of kids would they become?

What kind of leaders would they grow up to be? What would their generation be like?

I recall a situation when I was learning about Electron Microscopy so that I could work in the Electron Microscopy (E.M) Department. During the course of my training, I remember the lead telling me not to use ink to write the labels that would go into the plastic blocks. I said OK.

One day, she was off and I was covering for her and I told myself, what would happen if I used ink to make the labels? So, despite my better judgement, I used ink!

I learned the hard way. The ink was washed/dissolved into the plastic and the labels to identify the blocks were not readable. Thank God, I had my own identifiers and I was able to fix the error. This was not a case of do as I say but a case of me not listening. I told the lead what happened and I never repeated that mistake again.

I share all that to say, I am currently part of a team training students going into the field of histotechnology. What type of trainer would I be? I do not want to be busted for showing short cuts to get the job done quickly but the type of person who shares knowledge that is beneficial and applicable too.

Today, the field of histology needs new histotechnologists who are confident, know about the field of histotechnology and are also passionate about what they do.

As an older technologist, it is my honor to share my knowledge and it also reminds me of parenting too. I have been blessed to have learned from some of the best histotechnologists who have been part of my histotechnology journey.

Proverbs 22:6 says “train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

Which I will paraphrase to say Train up (my son and the student histotechnologists) in the way they should go; even when they are old they would not depart from it.”

That is one way to stay away from being busted!

So have you ever been busted by your kid? And what did that teach you?