Back to School & Long Weekend

Hello Everyone and welcome back!

Did you start school?

Did your kid go back to school already and how was that for you?

Did you have one of those moments where you are saying under your breath - I am so happy school begins again (phew)! Or were you sad that the kids had to go back to school?

Did you know that you can find back to school events on Eventbrite? Just type back to school bash, back to school events in the search bar and see what comes up.

As a young parent, I am learning by observing that the month of August around the country marks the beginning of the school year or preparations for the school year. We find that stores make accommodations or show their wares that help or promise to help parents and students transition into the new school year. I am getting my mind ready for when Othniel starts school!

Would I be the parent who bawls? Or be like, hurray!!!! A new season has begun?

A few weeks after Othniel was born, I started work and he was in daycare. It was rough but we made it work for us, however, I THINK it is different now that he talks and can tell you bye mommy see you later- in other words, I am a big kid now…

What is that like? Parents, share!

If you had a crazy week or weeks because of kids going back to school, take a deep breath, you have a 3 day weekend coming up. Yes, Monday is Labor Day and you can sleep in (is there such a thing if one has kids?) or you can pretend to sleep in 😁

Now that I have a toddler with a vocabulary that consists of WHY and HOW; I am trying my best to not say because I said so! To do that, I am doing a bit of research to answer some of his questions. So should your kid ask you about what Labor Day is about, here are some answers for them

  • The first Labor Day happened in New York City in 1882.

  • Labor Day came about because in the 1830s manufacturing workers spent as much as 70 hours a week at work

  • Union organizers focus was to get a shorter workweek for workers, and extra days off during the year.

  • President Grover Cleveland signed the Labor Day bill into law in June of 1894.

To read more on this checkout Jay Zargosky’s article regarding Labor Day! Working in healthcare, staff shortage and sometimes circumstances beyond our control can cause us to have more than 40 hour work weeks. Having a day off is wonderful.

Bring out the barbecue and let the celebrations begin!

Have a great week!