Lunchtime Rambles

The day was beautiful outside today and I could not resist sitting outside and reflecting on my weekend and what my family and I did. We went to the beach and we also went to SeaWorld, Orlando Florida.

I did enjoy my time with my family and did not worry about deadlines, school and or homework because I had dropped the class. My toddler loved that we were all spending time together; we walked the beach and when we were in SeaWorld, Orlando we had a blast. We went early to SeaWorld and were able to watch the major shows as the passes we had made it possible to go to all the shows that were open.

So why did I drop my class? Here is why.

Mathematics is not my forte and the class that I had dropped was accounting. Mathematics is important for an MBA class and I am supposed to pass and not fail the class. I had panicked because I knew that I MIGHT have an F in the class which is unacceptable, since I had nothing to turn in for the work that was due.

Here is how my class weekly schedule looks like: we have required reading assigned to us, and we are to use what is happened in the news, the world and the text to answer questions given to us. We have discussions to turn in and also critique the work of two students. On Thursday, some of the work should be submitted, and by the end of the week; the critiques and the bulk of the remaining workload is due.

When I am unprepared and do not plan my time right, I turn in late work, get crabby, cranky and do not sleep. This is what happened to the accounting class and I knew that I would be unable to turn in the work that was required of me.

I called and spoke to a student advisor about my weakness and dread for math related courses and she reminded me that we have tutors available to us. I had forgotten that students could ask for that- it has been almost 11 years since I had graduated from college, the concept of having a tutor completely skipped my mind. Glad I talked to her.

Classes start again next week and this is my plan:

  • I have started looking at the work required from me and I am going to make sure I finish my work before the week runs out. No more starting late and staying up late to do the work

  • I am going to ask for help. I had mentioned in the podcast to ask for help from Facebook friends, Instagram friends and also hire a tutor if your classes are online and you can afford it.

  • Ask for help from my spouse/ partner. There is no shame in asking for help- thinking and assuming our partners can see we need help does not get us anywhere. Speak out, ask for it.

  • Take a break, we went to the beach and it helped refresh my mind and got me ready for school. The rest was evident when I went in to work :)

I had mentioned to do something different too if you feel like you are stuck in a rut in the podcast. Yes, sometimes I notice that I read and read the same page over and over and nothing seems to click. Getting up and doing something different has helped me. I started a podcast to help me speak more confidently- it is a process. I grow daily.

Other ways to get out of ruts may be stop reading- go cook, do laundry and or take a walk. It helps.

Hope these things I do to help me helps you.