Florida Aquarium & Sparkman Wharf

We went with friends to visit the Florida Aquarium and I was VERY impressed! I cannot believe we have been in Tampa this long and we are only visiting it just now.

Have you been to the Aquarium?

If you have not and you live in Tampa, it’s environs and/ or you are planning a trip to Tampa, I highly recommend you visit it.

I am not one to go out and look at animals or I should say that I love animals but I am not one to spend all day at the zoo. However, I enjoyed my time at the aquarium and my little one did too. We walked from one end to the other and saw some fishes, lemurs, turtles, jellyfishes, and so much more. The aquarium had so much to offer and I cannot put it all into words! Go and see for your self🙂

The one place I did not visit while at the aquarium was the gift shop! I was doing myself a favor because I would have spent money that I did not have 😜

There is I believe a hurricane simulator in the building, and you pay to experience it- kids and their parents go in and experience it. Outside the aquarium, at one end of the building is a splash pad for kids which I think is great considering the sweltering heat of Florida. The kiddos loved it. The adults can seat and enjoy food and drinks while the kids can go and cool off in the splash pad.

I am glad we went with friends who knew the area well- they suggested we eat at Sparkman Wharf and boy; am I glad we did! Sorry, I did not do any food pics since I scarfed down my food before I remembered to take any pics. The Wharf has rows of shipping containers colored vibrantly that serve as “kiosks” for one to place/order and then pick up your food. A few feet away from the containers you have a place by the water where you find tables with lawn umbrellas where one can sit and look at the water or maybe listen to music coming from the band.

I loved being here. I had a great time and the kids loved it too. From what I hear, there is more development to come in the area and I might dare say that if I come back in about a 6 months or a year- there would be so much to see and possibly love!


If you plan on visiting Florida Aquarium do so and also plan to stop at Sparkman Wharf for good food and drinks before you go back home.

As always,




I was not paid to write this. I had so much fun being here, I had to share it. Should you visit after reading this, let me know.

Entrance to Florida Aquarium
Skin Shed from a boa constrictor
Good Friends
The mouth of this is scary!!! #Megalodon
Standing Fiercely in front of Megalodon
Sparkman Wharf Sign