Do Not Get Busted!

In other words, practice what you preach!

Busted in slang terms means being caught in the act. Have you ever been caught doing something you are not supposed to do?

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My name is Ezanya and this is my podcast!

We have taught our little one to wash his hands after going to the restroom. Recently, I was leaving the restroom and I heard him call out: “Mommy, you did not wash your hands.” I chuckled, came back and washed my hands for him to see.

This put a smile to my face because it meant that what we were teaching him was being practiced and we were trying to practice what we preached.

How often do you hear it said “Do as I say not as I do”? How bad would it be that I teach my son to do something and I turn around and do otherwise? It makes it seem like what I am telling him to do is not important.

If we raise up our kids to just do what we tell them and not what does that say of our character, what kind of kids would they become?

What kind of leaders would they grow up to be? What would their generation be like?

I recall a situation when I was learning about Electron Microscopy so that I could work in the Electron Microscopy (E.M) Department. During the course of my training, I remember the lead telling me not to use ink to write the labels that would go into the plastic blocks. I said OK.

One day, she was off and I was covering for her and I told myself, what would happen if I used ink to make the labels? So, despite my better judgement, I used ink!

I learned the hard way. The ink was washed/dissolved into the plastic and the labels to identify the blocks were not readable. Thank God, I had my own identifiers and I was able to fix the error. This was not a case of do as I say but a case of me not listening. I told the lead what happened and I never repeated that mistake again.

I share all that to say, I am currently part of a team training students going into the field of histotechnology. What type of trainer would I be? I do not want to be busted for showing short cuts to get the job done quickly but the type of person who shares knowledge that is beneficial and applicable too.

Today, the field of histology needs new histotechnologists who are confident, know about the field of histotechnology and are also passionate about what they do.

As an older technologist, it is my honor to share my knowledge and it also reminds me of parenting too. I have been blessed to have learned from some of the best histotechnologists who have been part of my histotechnology journey.

Proverbs 22:6 says “train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

Which I will paraphrase to say Train up (my son and the student histotechnologists) in the way they should go; even when they are old they would not depart from it.”

That is one way to stay away from being busted!

So have you ever been busted by your kid? And what did that teach you?

New Month and what I learned from my healthcare class

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the podcast!

Last week I sat with Dr. Benson and we talked about blood transfusion medicine. Did you have any questions and do you have any topic you would want me to talk about?

Shout out to Wofaiohiani on Instagram who shared her blood draw experience. Go to my Instagram page and check out her story.

This past week has been busy but I am happy because it has been a productive busy. My husband has been walking more for exercise and I decided to join him, so far, I have been loving it. I also finished my 6 week class on healthcare principles/policies. I know at this time, I am certain that I do not like writing policies that affect so many people- wait! I should say that I do not understand the process.

In this class, we had to pay attention to current issues in the news relating to healthcare, its policies and or new policies being made. We took a recent event and discussed it with our classmates; that was one of my highlights for the class. In the 6 weeks, two events we discussed that stood out were;

  1. Senator Walsh’s comments about nurses. You would have to read it to believe what she said

  2. The issue relating to Chiropractors in Florida Read it and I would love to read your thoughts on the matter. I do not agree with the bill being passed.

  3. I wrote a paper on vaccination. This is something I want to talk about and soon

I loved that we looked at what the current events in healthcare- there is so much going on that the news alone cannot cover what one needs to know. The talking points often involved are : Repeal Obamacare, replace Obamacare, Improve Obamacare, Medicare for all etc. And for my friends and listeners that are wondering what is Obamacare ? Click on the link for specifics, in my little understanding I will say it is about how Americans receive health insurance but there is so much more. It involves major players in the healthcare industry.

So after 6 weeks what did I learn? What do I want you to learn?

I learnt to be actively listening to the news. Not just one specific News outlet but everything I hear should be about the different opinions and then learn and make my own decisions for myself. Things change, laws are made and rewritten or totally changed and I want to know what and how to make decisions that are good for me and my family. That is what I learnt.

The older I am getting, my health is important to me. I do not want people to decide what kind of healthcare I get, or need. To be able to decide, I need to learn for myself.

You should do the same too, because education is empowering if we act upon what we learn.

Have a great week.