Mom Guilt/ Working Mom Guilt

Mom Guilt, that feeling of being inadequate as a mom, guilty and unable to enjoy this season of life

Hi Everyone, welcome to the podcast. My name is Ezanya and I am a mom, work full time and podcast.

I had started out thinking that I would call this episode: Firing doubts and becoming Captain Marvel if you are into Marvel Cinematic Universe or Wonder Woman if you are a DC comics gal.. but guys, these two heroines are single and have no kids (in the movies I have seen)

So with no offense to anyone, how about becoming Elastigirl? She had kids, curves, and was flexible. She also dealt with bad guys! Watch the movie Incredibles 1&2 if you want to know the character I am talking about!

This past month, I celebrated my sons’ birthday and I was thinking of how different it was from the previous year and the things I dealt with that surface on and off. Mom guilt was one of them. Some examples

I am going to bake my son’s birthday cake because I can, we will not eat out, I will cook everything my family eats, I will sew my son’s play clothes, I will braid my own hair, etc. I will do all of these goals even as I work full time. And when I do none of these I feel like a terrible mom because I did not achieve these goals.

Regarding my sons birthday cake, see the pics I attached.

My son was super excited about his cake, it did not matter to him what I concocted. I learnt a big lesson from the smiles I saw on his face when the cake was done. Regarding to not eating out, I am thankful we have food. My mom has worked all my life and I have never heard her complain, she was guilty for working, she had to work or we would starve.

How I deal with this:

  1. Pray! Yes, that is my answer to everything :) I try to find answers and peace with God especially when words fail me! I ask God to send me the right solution to my problem and He does. One of my favorite Bible verses is Philipians 4:6-7

  2. Join a group. I am in the working mom group on Reddit & Facebook. It helps me to see that certain questions that I have people also have them and the answers that others give, help me look at things with a different lens

  3. Talk to someone you trust. I have called my mom, friends who are older, who have been parents a lot longer than I have been and we have talked, shared about life and I have been encouraged

  4. Listen to Podcasts. I love Rachel Hollis’ Rise podcast and Mimi G’s Business SHET and they both talk about some issues that women face and more.

  5. And when all these fails, seek a medical professional’s help

So, here is what I will leave you with: You my dear, will survive! I did and you will.

I am attaching Gloria Gaynor’s hit song and anytime Mom Guilt comes around, tell it, to:

Just turn around now
'Cause you're not welcome anymore- Gloria Gaynor

Have a great week my dears, until the next episode,

God bless


First icing attempt
pre-decorating son's 2nd birthday cake
Decorated 2yr cake
Chocolate cake
O blowing out his candle