When I used to love you; The Break Up with Sugar

In this episode, I share about health journey and my love for sugar- cookies to be exact and what I am doing to cut the habit.

Growing up, we used sugar cubes for tea, and to my Naija (Nigerian) listeners, that included soaking garri too. The only time we used granulated / powdered sugar was when we were baking. For some reason, ants which we called sugar ants always found the sugar; even if my grandma locked it up in her cupboard. She did this to keep her many grand kids away from her sugar but the ants always found a way. This is the same way I am towards sugar; to be specific sweet stuff.

To read more about Kizito cookies click the link and for more about the special lady who makes them, click this link

My hubby got this spice mix and he marinated chicken overnight before he barbecued it. I tell you, it was sooooo gooooood! It was better than the cookies that I had been craving. If you love, heat, spice and flavor, check it out.

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Dear Daddy- A Father's Day Letter

How long has it been since you were gone?

I hear you died when we were three years old and Baby T. was not even born yet!

This weekend world over, people celebrate the father figures in their lives and I try to remember whom mine was but can only remember the pictures Mommy saved of you. What if there were no pictures? I hear Ib looks like you and Baby T looks like you too. That is good to know but that does not replace your being gone!

I am not hear to bemoan your absence but to say thank you, thank you for the few years you lived and the positive impact you made, and how funny you were. That is what the three of us have heard about and the thought of that brings a smile to my face.

Grandpa- Mommy’s dad stepped in when you were gone and he showed us what it meant like to have a father figure in our lives. Grandpa might have been strict but he was always fair, he laughed, he danced, he walked with us and even helped with homework too. His love for fashion was admired and we all picked up on that. Did you know he loved telling stories and fairy tales too. One thing I know is he never spoke evil of you.

Mommy tried and is still trying. She did not shut down and let widowhood define her. She went to school and still works. I believe you would be proud of her. She tells stories of how you had to be shown how to carry Ib and I when we were babies because we were so little. She talks of how hard you worked because you had twins even when you were still in school. I respect that!

I wish you were alive today so I can ask you, how did mommy cope with twins in a country where she knew was not home. I know I can ask her this question but your perspective would have been nice. I could ask Grandpa how he coped knowing he had grand kids born oceans away and could read about milestones months after the grand kids have passed them.

It would have been nice to let you meet K, he has a big heart like you and he teases like I heard you used to. God sent him to me and I am the luckiest and most blessed gal in the world. Our baby or your grand kid would have loved to spend time with you too. It is soccer season, it would have been fun to hear you talk about the teams you played for and see you show Baby O, your skills… I wonder what he would have called you- Grandpa, Etete, Papa?

I get to thank God for the life you lived, and thank Him for being a Father from heaven and sending His Spirit to guide me and give me wisdom when I need fatherly advice.

Happy Father’s Day and I do miss you.

Copy of Blood Transfusion Medicine

In honor of Blood Donor Day this Saturday, the 14th of June. I am reposting the interview I had with a pathologist.

In this episode, I talk to Dr. Benson, a pathologist. We talk about what is involved in the process of donating blood, what it takes to get the blood donor ready and some of what happens to the donated blood.

You can listen here for the Interview and email me at theizorapodcast@gmail.com if you have any questions

Four Apps to help with International Calls

In my last episode, I talked about the time when I spent $900 on a phone bill. I mentioned how Akira, a student then from Japan introduced my brother and I to International calling cards. Some of the phonecards I have used were African Dream, Hello Africa to name a few. These cards were purchased at the International Grocery Store, scratched off and then saved into our phones.

I have had instances where I was “flashed”- a situation where someone calls you for a few seconds and then hangs up. The times I ignore it, I would be called again with the caller saying please call me back, I do not have a lot of minutes to talk of the phone. If and when I call back, I have had to rely on calling cards and today, we have apps on our phones that enable us to purchase and call internationally from the app. Here are some of the apps I have used:

Ringo, Boss Revolution, Rebtel, Viber,


I used Rebtel for a long time but something happened that made me stop using it. I have to rethink why I moved away from Rebtel and then I will update this post.


I can purchase plans to call on this app, and I can pay via Google Play with PayPal. The rates are high for Nigeria. It uses Wi-Fi/ Data to call which can be a hassle sometimes.


I love Ringo because it has the options for you to call with Wi-Fi/ Data or just use your phone minutes to dial. The rates for calling Nigeria were quite high so I have not used it for a bit.

Boss Revolution

This is my favorite. It has the lowest rates to call Nigeria and I love this because they have deals going on always- you get bonuses for purchasing and I believe first time users get a benefit too. For instance, I got an alert that if I purchase on mother’s day, I can get a percentage added to my purchase. I like that. The app also has options for one to send money overseas or top-up on a persons phone minutes etc.

One thing I do not like about Boss Revolution is that it uses Wi-Fi/Data. This can prove expensive if at a place that one has no wi-fi capacity.

Is there a calling card you often use and is there an app that helps you call overseas?

Coming (back) to America

Happy Memorial Day to you.

Memorial Day is celebrated in the United States on the last day of May. It honors men and women who have died while serving in the military. The link takes you to a website you can get more information about what Memorial Day is about.

Memorial Day or the weekend is special to me because this is the weekend, my brother and I came back to the United States over a decade ago.

In this episode, I share a bit about how God provided for my brother and I to come back, how we started classes and a bit about where we are today. I also share how I was so homesick, I would call directly to Nigeria with my dorm room phone. I remember paying $900 for a phone bill. My brother and I had money to cover for that expense but we told ourselves, we did not want to keep spending money like that. We worked in the cafeteria and did odd jobs. A Japanese student-Akira- introduced us to phone cards and saved our wallets from such expenses. Our phone bill went from $900 to $400 to $50 dollars. Today if I call, I use Boss Revolution app on my phone and it saves me lots of money.

I recall going to sit with the C.E.S.L (Center for English as a Second Language) coordinator because she was the only person I knew then and she was kind to introduce me to other Nigerian students, and later we met other International students. We did not have to be in the C.E.S.L program and so we had to register for classes.

Our paperwork from the Nigerian colleges we attended did not arrive on time so we registered for classes and started from scratch. It was rough! I flunked chemistry because I mixed up the chemical names. I told the professor, I needed to pass the class and he made me sit in front of the class. I aced the class and did not have to mix up Sulpuric Acid with Tetraoxosulphate 6….

To summarize, God has been faithful to us. He brought us when we had no idea how we were going to come back, He provided, protected and cared for us and today, I remember His faithfulness.

This is my Memorial Day weekend memory! To all my listeners who lost family, friends or loved ones- my heart goes out to you. Thank you for their service and a Happy Memorial Day to you.

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