Miracle Morning 1!

Hi Guys,

I just started reading Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod!

I had heard a lot of people on the numerous podcasts I listen to talk about it and I said to myself. I should give it a go.

I got the book from Audible and I have been listening to it. I have not finished it and so far, I believe it is a good book. I have so far tried to implement one thing that I have heard from the book- waking up early and I must confess this has not been easy!

I have even set two alarms to get me up! Yet, I still hit the snooze button on my alarm.

I think the problem is I GO to bed late!

I write this to be accountable. Why? So far, I have read the great things this book has done for others who have been able to wake up early and having tried and been unable to- I am a bit discouraged. However, I am not giving up!

I will keep on trying. When I consistently wake up early and finish the book, I would give you a synopsis of the book and maybe share my morning routine.

Have you read the Miracle Morning book?

What did you think about it?


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Book Corner

Books are and have always been my best friends. From reading and falling in love with Enid Blyton’s books, Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, Shakespeare, The Passport of Mallam Ilia, Arabian Nights, Harlequin Romance Novels, Mills & Boon…

As a teenager living in Nigeria, I remember “borrowing” my mother and her sisters’ novels to read before going to bed. This was after reading all the books my mom had borrowed from the library for us to read. I was an avid reader and it saved my grades- especially on the non mathematical topics. I did not let the lack of electricity hinder my passion for reading, I read with candles, with a kerosene lamp and sometimes a flash light… Yes, I wore glasses then!

Do you remember when Amazon used to sell only text books, then the kindle with books in it, then audio-books became a thing? Do you remember when Borders existed? I used to live around the corner of one of the stores and I would go and order myself a coffee on my off day from work; pick up a book and read… I am beginning to date my self!

Presently, I read my text books, eBooks, and my go to are audio-books and listening to the Bible. I listen to these while I am out of the house. These listening helps me learn new things and also helps me to “stay awake” when caffeine does not help at work :)

I have started to make what I read and listen to count. Here are some of my recent books:

Priscilla Shirer’s Fervent The author reads her book and her passion for the subject is VERY evident. There is a lot to learn about praying and the need for it and this book is what I needed when I listened to it.

-Gary Vaynerchuck’s Crush it and Crushing it I have listened to these books twice and I do believe, I will listen again. I get emboldened to keep pressing on in my desire to not be ashamed of being hardworking and not seeking instant result. I have learned that hard work pays off from these books.

-Lindsay Teague’s Getting Noticed I had listened to this book after I heard about her while listening to a podcast. I will listen again. It is a short listen and it is a no nonsense guide book I think.

What books are you listening to?