Miracle Morning 1!

Hi Guys,

I just started reading Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod!

I had heard a lot of people on the numerous podcasts I listen to talk about it and I said to myself. I should give it a go.

I got the book from Audible and I have been listening to it. I have not finished it and so far, I believe it is a good book. I have so far tried to implement one thing that I have heard from the book- waking up early and I must confess this has not been easy!

I have even set two alarms to get me up! Yet, I still hit the snooze button on my alarm.

I think the problem is I GO to bed late!

I write this to be accountable. Why? So far, I have read the great things this book has done for others who have been able to wake up early and having tried and been unable to- I am a bit discouraged. However, I am not giving up!

I will keep on trying. When I consistently wake up early and finish the book, I would give you a synopsis of the book and maybe share my morning routine.

Have you read the Miracle Morning book?

What did you think about it?


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