Quick and Easy Fudgy Brownies

I love Brownies.

The end!

I love brownies, who does not? I might say few people (like the hubs 🤔 here). I can make a pan and finish it in a few days… With the help of the toddler! Mostly me I would say.

A few years back, when I worked in Louisville, Ky; there was a pathologist in the group I worked for who made brownies great enough to make you want to break your fast, dieting goal! Yes, they were that good. We would ask for the recipe and he said he got a box from Costco. I did not have a Costco membership then so, I awaited (like everyone else) when he made brownies.

Fast forward to having a kid, getting a Costco membership and discovering a box of Ghirardelli brownie mix. Since then I have not (I REPEAT) NOT bought any other brand to make brownies. Every time I have made brownies from this mix, I have often got compliments and questions about how I made them.

I just discovered something else to make this brownies even better. Hot Fudge Topping! I had bought it for ice cream but had not used it and I decided to add it to the brownies and have the colleagues at work try it. Needless to say, it was gone in 45 minutes after the first piece was had. So what is the recipe?

Here it is:

1 box of Ghirardelli Brownie mix.

Follow the instructions on the box for

1/3 cup of oil

1/3 cup of coffee (instead of water)

1 egg

2 tablespoons of hot fudge topping


Stir all the ingredients into a large bowl

Follow baking instructions regarding the pan to use and bake times!




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Thank you


Golden Scrambled Eggs

I love eggs😋

I also know a few people who would not eat eggs but would eat chicken 🤔

A few years ago, good friends of mine started a garden in their yard and I was blessed with the proceeds from it. I got tomatoes (some with some pretty fancy names), I got okra, and more. My favorite were the tomatoes because I could make a lot of things with them. Like tomato stew, Jollof rice but my go to were adding them to my scrambled eggs.

Why the name golden scrambled eggs? Golden because I add turmeric to my eggs. Turmeric is what gives that rich yellow color to Indian foods and from the little bit I have read, it is very beneficial.

Here is my quick recipe.


-2 Eggs

-Chopped fresh tomatoes

-Chopped green Onion (one stalk)

-Chunks of deli meat

-Dash of turmeric

-Salt to taste

Fry until golden brown.

Let me know when you make it.



Lime Cookies

There is something about the smell of baked goods that brings a HUGE smile to my face. The hubs had come home from Costco with a big bag of limes and for the life of me, I had no idea what to do with it. I mean, I can add a slice of lime to my water daily but, I tell you, it would not diminish the sheer number of limes I have in the bag.

We had a church event on Monday and I decided to try to make something with the limes. I found a recipe online and I tried it out and it was FABULOUS, thank you Aubrey. My toddler loved it.

I tried to tweak the recipe for a vegan friend and I used vegetable oil instead of butter, and I found an egg substitute recipe online here and I tried it and the cookies came out FLAT, my toddler would not even eat the cookies, yes, they ended up in the trash can. You will find the pictures of the flat batch in my Instagram page.

I repeated the recipe again and I used butter and an egg just like the recipe called for and they turned out great. We are supposed to be short staffed at work, and I would be taking this batch in, hopefully, with some coffee or tea the cookies will sweeten our dispositions.

To try the recipe, click on this link here and do let me know if you make the cookies.


Yummy cookies

Yummy cookies