Golden Scrambled Eggs

I love eggs😋

I also know a few people who would not eat eggs but would eat chicken 🤔

A few years ago, good friends of mine started a garden in their yard and I was blessed with the proceeds from it. I got tomatoes (some with some pretty fancy names), I got okra, and more. My favorite were the tomatoes because I could make a lot of things with them. Like tomato stew, Jollof rice but my go to were adding them to my scrambled eggs.

Why the name golden scrambled eggs? Golden because I add turmeric to my eggs. Turmeric is what gives that rich yellow color to Indian foods and from the little bit I have read, it is very beneficial.

Here is my quick recipe.


-2 Eggs

-Chopped fresh tomatoes

-Chopped green Onion (one stalk)

-Chunks of deli meat

-Dash of turmeric

-Salt to taste

Fry until golden brown.

Let me know when you make it.