Lime Cookies

There is something about the smell of baked goods that brings a HUGE smile to my face. The hubs had come home from Costco with a big bag of limes and for the life of me, I had no idea what to do with it. I mean, I can add a slice of lime to my water daily but, I tell you, it would not diminish the sheer number of limes I have in the bag.

We had a church event on Monday and I decided to try to make something with the limes. I found a recipe online and I tried it out and it was FABULOUS, thank you Aubrey. My toddler loved it.

I tried to tweak the recipe for a vegan friend and I used vegetable oil instead of butter, and I found an egg substitute recipe online here and I tried it and the cookies came out FLAT, my toddler would not even eat the cookies, yes, they ended up in the trash can. You will find the pictures of the flat batch in my Instagram page.

I repeated the recipe again and I used butter and an egg just like the recipe called for and they turned out great. We are supposed to be short staffed at work, and I would be taking this batch in, hopefully, with some coffee or tea the cookies will sweeten our dispositions.

To try the recipe, click on this link here and do let me know if you make the cookies.


Yummy cookies

Yummy cookies