Mothering Sunday

In this episode I share about moving to the U.S and forgetting to call my mother on Mothering Sunday which is usually in March. This year it is even more special because it is my mother’s birthday.

I had forgotten in the past years but thank God for social Media aka Facebook, I remembered, repented and have not done that any more.

How am I going to celebrate it? I will tell you what I would love to do; I would love to show up at her door step and say hello. I have not gone home in almost 10 years…

However, since I cannot go home, I would definitely give her a call and I would send her a gift. If my younger cousins were home, I would tell them to take a picture showing her surprise and I would post it ya’ll :)

If I was to sing a song for my mom, here is what it would sound like, Click on the link and it would take you to YouTube.

Have a great week!