Dear Daddy- A Father's Day Letter

How long has it been since you were gone?

I hear you died when we were three years old and Baby T. was not even born yet!

This weekend world over, people celebrate the father figures in their lives and I try to remember whom mine was but can only remember the pictures Mommy saved of you. What if there were no pictures? I hear Ib looks like you and Baby T looks like you too. That is good to know but that does not replace your being gone!

I am not hear to bemoan your absence but to say thank you, thank you for the few years you lived and the positive impact you made, and how funny you were. That is what the three of us have heard about and the thought of that brings a smile to my face.

Grandpa- Mommy’s dad stepped in when you were gone and he showed us what it meant like to have a father figure in our lives. Grandpa might have been strict but he was always fair, he laughed, he danced, he walked with us and even helped with homework too. His love for fashion was admired and we all picked up on that. Did you know he loved telling stories and fairy tales too. One thing I know is he never spoke evil of you.

Mommy tried and is still trying. She did not shut down and let widowhood define her. She went to school and still works. I believe you would be proud of her. She tells stories of how you had to be shown how to carry Ib and I when we were babies because we were so little. She talks of how hard you worked because you had twins even when you were still in school. I respect that!

I wish you were alive today so I can ask you, how did mommy cope with twins in a country where she knew was not home. I know I can ask her this question but your perspective would have been nice. I could ask Grandpa how he coped knowing he had grand kids born oceans away and could read about milestones months after the grand kids have passed them.

It would have been nice to let you meet K, he has a big heart like you and he teases like I heard you used to. God sent him to me and I am the luckiest and most blessed gal in the world. Our baby or your grand kid would have loved to spend time with you too. It is soccer season, it would have been fun to hear you talk about the teams you played for and see you show Baby O, your skills… I wonder what he would have called you- Grandpa, Etete, Papa?

I get to thank God for the life you lived, and thank Him for being a Father from heaven and sending His Spirit to guide me and give me wisdom when I need fatherly advice.

Happy Father’s Day and I do miss you.