Hurricane Dorian

Hello Friends,

Hope this finds you well. I live in Tampa as you all know and probably have seen the news about Hurricane Dorian.

So far, it has made downfall in the Bahamas and we have got rain for now. Yesterday, was beautifully sunny and just a wee bit of rainy. Today, we went to church earlier and so far, no rain fell until this afternoon. I recorded a little video to show you how heavy it came down. For now, it is quiet but cloudy outside with no rain.

This is the beginning of my second year in Florida and I would say the first time we had to stay safe during a hurricane. I was the one who was a bit sacred, but my hubby was calm and said we have all we need- water, gas and food stuff. Our apartment complex sent out a flier about hurricane preparedness information. Some of the instructions were:

  • Do not tape your windows, it could produce giant shards of flying glass held together by tape

  • Remove all items from your patio/balcony and front door area. Store items securely inside the apartment until the storm passes

  • The pool area will be closed etc.

The flier also had websites for hurricane and severe weather guides, here are some:

  1. Local Media

  2. National Hurricane Center

To stay busy with my toddler, we made a double batch of brownies, here is the recipe (without the coffee) I had used 😍

How about you, are you in the path of the Hurricane, how are you staying safe?

Praying for little to no damage to anyone in the path of the storm/ hurricane.

Stay safe my dears!