When I used to love you; The Break Up with Sugar

In this episode, I share about health journey and my love for sugar- cookies to be exact and what I am doing to cut the habit.

Growing up, we used sugar cubes for tea, and to my Naija (Nigerian) listeners, that included soaking garri too. The only time we used granulated / powdered sugar was when we were baking. For some reason, ants which we called sugar ants always found the sugar; even if my grandma locked it up in her cupboard. She did this to keep her many grand kids away from her sugar but the ants always found a way. This is the same way I am towards sugar; to be specific sweet stuff.

To read more about Kizito cookies click the link and for more about the special lady who makes them, click this link

My hubby got this spice mix and he marinated chicken overnight before he barbecued it. I tell you, it was sooooo gooooood! It was better than the cookies that I had been craving. If you love, heat, spice and flavor, check it out.

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